Who We Are

Situated in Temuka, South Canterbury, New Zealand, Prattley Industries are a world leading manufacturer of animal handling equipment such as sheep races and cattle yards. We have built a trusted reputation throughout New Zealand and around the world over the last 40 years through our dedication to producing tough, durable, light-weight equipment.

To maintain safe animal handling practices the correct equipment must be used. It must be strong enough and of a size to accommodate the livestock and not compromise stock safety and welfare.

The solution to this lies in creating a low-stress environment for animals, while retaining high throughput, productivity and low labour costs on farms. Prattley addresses this by producing safe, versatile animal management systems for a total management solution.

How We Work

Safety of stock and rural workers is paramount in farming and with the use of dedicated equipment to suit the animals' needs, this can be obtained. Prattley promotes this through their range of safe and practical cattle and sheep handling equipment, technical support and customer service to give a complete animal management solution, giving farmers a competitive advantage.

The alloy used in production is bought in soft form and heat treated to give high tensile strength, while remaining light weight.
We have recently introduced a robot into the alloy production which gives assurance of a quality generic weld every time.


We continue to research and develop our products in the farming community to keep one step ahead of current farming processes, our products have evolved through our close relationship with farmers and their needs. The major development in the foreseeable future is the introduction of mandatory Electronic Identification in which all animals will need to be life tagged to provide full traceability from the farm to the fork. Prattley works in conjunction with most major tag and weighscale manufacturers to achieve this.