Within New Zealand Prattley animal handling equipment is sold through your local retail merchant eg. CRT, Farmlands, RD 1, Wrightsons. Internationally, Prattley equipment is sold through reputable agents who are leaders in their field.

Safety of stock and rural workers is paramount in farming and with the use of dedicated equipment to suit the animals needs this can be obtained. Prattley spends a lot of time in research and development to create innovative solutions and the best products possible to suit farmers' needs.

Check out our variety of cattle handling equipment and sheep handling equipment to find a system that suits your requirements.

You can purchase any singular item you want. The advantage of Prattley gear is that it is made up of different componentry so you can tailor your system to suit any situation.

Find a sheep yard or cattle yard to suit your needs.

To create a low stress environment for the animal. A mobile yard can be moved anywhere on the farm to utilise sun and wind directions, existing fencelines and land layout to encourage natural smooth stock flow. The reduction in the distance that you would need to move animals to permanent yards also results in less stress and fatigue.

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The material used in production is alluminium, which is bought in soft form and heat treated to give high tensile strength, while remaining light weight and flexible.

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We have a variety of sizes to cater any where from 20 sheep to more than 1000 at a time.  

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Approx 600. The key is to have a good lead up to the drafter to create a constant flow through the drafter.

Often a curve before the drafter is a good idea, along with a couple of anti-backing devises to stop disruption to the flow.

Yes, the AutoDraft unit integrates with the Prattley EID Portal Reader to take a tag reading for identification.

To maximise the profitability of each individual animal on sale day, also to record growth activity.

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We sell autodrafters for pigs, deer, sheep and cattle.

Yes, Prattley have developed a new range of Cattle AutoDrafters, which weigh and draft cattle according to your requirements. These are available in mobile or stationary units.

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We have a wheel arm system to fit any of our cattle crushes. Prattley have a full range of cattle managers to meet your requirements, as well as cattle autodrafters.